Introducing innovative solutions to manage innovation: Innovation is your edge, and innovative ideas should be treated as an important resource. Ideas should be captured, evaluated and shared according to a set business process, not just left for small talk during the lunch break.

  •  Idea Capture
  •  Idea Evaluation
  •  Idea Advancement Workflow
  •  Innovation Projects
  •  Dashboards
  •  Reporting
  •  Notification System
  •  Searching
  •  Security
  •  Incentive Management
  •  Customization
  •  Import/Export
  •  MS Outlook Toolbar
Idea Capture

 Enable anyone to submit ideas (if desired, limit idea submission
    based on permissions)

 Attach pictures, documents and links to ideas
 Submit ideas anywhere any time, including from any smart phone
 Run specific idea challenge campaigns (in addition to collecting
    voluntaryidea submissions)
Idea Evaluation

 Evaluate ideas according to the parameters that matter to you
     most (potential revenue, competition, development effort etc.)

 Encourage users to vote on ideas
 Enable users to add their comments and thoughts to submitted

 Route ideas to appropriate parties for additional evaluation
 Ensure that the ideas with the most merit get priority
Idea Advancement Workflow

 Advance ideas automatically based on change in status and stage
 Customize the idea advancement workflow to fit your company
 Auto-assign tasks and route documents and action items to
    appropriate parties

 Reminders and alerts ensure that nothing falls between the cracks
 Track approval status of any new idea with ease
Innovation Projects

 Manage projects for approved ideas within Inovoquest
 Use a variety of views to manage and review project data -Gantt
    Charts, Calendar and Task Sheets

 Set deadlines for projects and tasks
 Effectively communicate project progress and track project data
 Track project costs
 Generate alerts for budget management control

 Personal user and management dashboards with favorite views,
    gauges, scorecards, charts, graphs, to do lists and more

 Fully customizable
 Add company logo to dashboard

 View system reports (idea list reports, analysis reports of top
    contributors etc.)

 Create unlimited custom dynamic reports with the report builder
 Report on any system field or custom d field
 Include in reports filtered lists, graphs, charts, and more
 Schedule reports to be periodically sent to a list of recipients
Notification system

 Users get notified via email or internal notifications
 Notify of new ideas, comments, changes, etc
 Set alerts and reminders for any of your milestone dates
     (regardinginnovation projects, idea campaigns etc.)

 Customize alarms as needed (days in advance, times to send,
    recurrence, etc.)

 Easily search and sort your repository to find an idea and all its
    related documents

 All text documents include full-text searching
 Full text search of all system fields and all user-defined fields
 Key word tagging

 Advanced security insures diverse users can co-exist in one
    system,each user having access only to specific information
     relating to him/her

 Role-based security
 Workgroup management options
 Assign permissions for users even at the field level (full, read-only,
    no access)
Incentive Management

 Optional incentive management tools for encouraging users to
    share ideas

 Configurable rules for acquiring credit

 Custom data fields available throughout the system
 Custom workflows and business rules
 Custom reports, custom menus, custom dashboards

 Tools to Import/Export single or batch records
 Schedule unlimited Imports/Exports
MS Outlook Toolbar

 Full integration with MS Outlook
 An option to work from within the familiar MS Outlook environment
    with the Outlook plug-in customizable toolbar
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